valeveil press & projects aspires to foster more candid examinations of faction-forming and allegiance between contrasting regions of the world, typically engaging in investigations in-and-of America (i.e. the United States) and / or Scandinavia. valeveil is a receptive tool for initiating, cultivating and disseminating ideas which revolve around or are inspired by art, experimental design, critical writing, contemporary literature and poetics.

As a curatorial node, valeveil aspires to dissolve any unworthy or misdirected veil of inheritance, association or privilege. valeveil curates projects ranging in content and scope with the aspiration that diverse individuals (citizens of the world or vale) can both participate in and benefit from results, regardless of a given citizenship or political formula. This development to more closely examine notions of American and Scandinavian creativity originates from the conviction that site-specific, cross-cultural collaborations between these regions are more inclined to generate focused discussions on how ethics and reason often whisper, speak or yell through creative conduits—those which are, at times, concerned with contrasting socio-political realities in an effort to instigate change. valeveil is interested in the correlation between cultural production and cultural difference, with the goal to harness, redirect and unleash untapped potential which otherwise appears inhibited or dormant. Notorious scientist and researcher Philip Zimbardo argues that anonymity, conformity and boredom turn good apples bad—it is also observed that bad art often stems from this trinity. Yet, exceptions exist, and outliers deserve closer examination. Non-violent, open collaboration is a lucrative method to overcome discord, yet the value of intelligent, well-meant dissent is priceless.

Publishing Perspective
In light of evolving technology, valeveil rests solidly on the fence between the notion of the book as a limited, physical object d’art and as an accessible source of knowledge and craft. valeveil press publishes specific series and limited editions. Many valeveil press projects are provided solely as gratis, digital content to better converse with a wider audience. Technology advances rapidly, yet a compromise is in order for those who prefer printed matter and the traditional reading experience. valeveil is a member of The Green Press Initiative and has signed their Book Industry Treatise on Environmentally Responsible Publishing.

Founded in early 2008, valeveil press & projects is located in Stockholm. In regards to economics, valeveil relies on the generosity of individual donors (both public and private), as well as members of our team. We are a group of art, design and technology professionals ranging in expertise sharing an overlapping certitude in positive alliance.

On the Name
valeveil is a conjoined heterograph symbolizing communication between forces which are simultaneously different yet fundamentally the same: vale = “world” and veil = “mask” or “wedding veil” depending on the context and concern.