13th foxhole meeting

The 13th foxhole will be solely hosted by foxhole‘s co-curator Kristina Lindemann. foxhole meetings aspire to assist independent curators and self-organized entities; the project is interested in creating and supporting its own safe zone or “foxhole” of self-sufficiency in Stockholm.

“Back To Paradise”

Jessika Björhn will be in conversation with Kristina Lindemann, regarding the nature of her art—revolving around both the imaginary and realistic notion of time travel. She wants your help welding a time machine; she wants to move from now into the future. Björhn will touch upon her previous works such as “Sleepwalking,” and she asks for assistance in devising a working trajectory into tomorrow, by sharing her yesterday.

Recalling “Not Without My Daughter”

Shiva Anoushirvani will generate a talk based on the recently initiated project “Recalling Memories of Not Without My Daughter” (working title) and will show a text-based piece created just for the evening. “Not Without My Daughter” (1988) is a novel and film (1991). The 60s and 70s generations (& 80s, to a degree) may recall the story. Collecting memories and stories connected to the work with reference to subjects and depictions inherent in the story, Anoushirvani will discuss 90s pop culture, as well as the media and political climate of that time which holds intrigue for those investigating identity politics and racism.

What do we remember about this era, and how do we remember? Anoushirvani will also relate to her own memories of the film, referencing a childhood birthday party in which the parents rented the film for children to view. She will also touch upon how her practice is linked to historical flashbacks and myth making; foxhole functions as her point of departure to further develop a piece based on these thematics.

Foxhole Meeting #13
Date: Wednesday, 2.26, 2014
Time: 7-9 pm
Location: Minibar Artist Space
Address: Hälsingegatan 33, 113 31 Stockholm
T-bana: Odenplan / S:t Eriksplan

7 – 7:30 pm: Jessika Björhn’s presentation + Q&A
7:30 – 8 pm: introductions / mingle
8 – 9 pm: Shiva Anoushirvani’s presentation + Q&A

Note: All meetings are open to the general public. Refreshments await.

February’s Invited Artists / Speakers

Jessika Björhn (b. 1983) is a Swedish artist and photographer. She holds a BA of Fine Art from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, lives and dreams in Stockholm and works with photography and installation. Björhn pictures scenes from self-perceived conditions, using an introspective window of photography, reflecting self-experienced actions. She is driven by intuition and reveals herself, piece by piece, through surreal moments. She moves in space between childhood and the adult world and assumes different characters—all with the same purpose. To deal with the gender question, to explore how far one can go, to find out if she is going to “make it,” and if so: how time travel will appear. Various levels of consciousness show themselves on her way to awareness. www.cargocollective.com/hellofadreamer

Shiva Anoushirvani is based in Stockholm and Malmö. She works with film and photography—including a text-based practice. Anoushirvani graduated from Goldsmith’s University of London in Fine Art, Studio Practice and Contemporary Critical Studies program (2005). Her work mirrors an interest for psychological mechanisms, social structures and focuses on these thematics through their impact on individuals and society as a whole. Anoushirvani’s projects examine individuals’ relations toward conflict and myth building—partly raised from popular culture throughout history.
www.shivaa.se + www.mythofreality.se

Image (left): Sleepwalking. Photo by Jessika Björhn. Image (right): Untitled. Photo by Shiva Anoushirvani

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