ouxpo: painting the new path

—Celeste Najt

Painting the New Path

Rule / Constraint
All works emphasize one’s relationship to the five senses, along with placing an importance on survival instincts oftentimes associated with the desire to feel alive and remain organic. Outcome also stems from the artist’s personal quest for both the new and authentic.

Medium(s) / Material(s)
Photographs, papers, wood, vinyl tapes and C-prints.

Mixed media: photography, painting, digital and handmade collage.

Celeste Najt has been interested in art since her teens when she began experimenting with collage and assembling discarded plastic elements. From 2003-2006, Najt studied Art at IUNA (National University Institute of Art) and began a digital search which led to handmade compositions of new dimensions and content by creating a dialogue between techniques. Photography became her focus providing raw material for her compositions. Najt also has a degree in Photography from EFC (School of Creative Photography). In 2007, she opened the art gallery El Tigre Celeste to promote emerging art and provide her work with an exhibition framework. Najt’s work has been exhibited at Exile Gallery and INC Berlin (Berlin), Badger Badger Projects (Carlisle), Y Gallery (New York), Art Vision Gallery (Miami), El Tigre Celeste and Praxis (Buenos Aires)—among others.

Artist Info