ready, able: our friend harvey balsam

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Lumpen in little more than mortal thoughts, Harvey Balsam has been treated by life. Mute. Arranged in marriages. With the accent of the elder scion of a ladies’ sportswear salesman. He is famously appearing in a storm, propelled into rugged forests, his versatility caught but unappreciated. He heads towards his break out but becomes public, flitting into pretty lunch breaks.

Harvey Balsam: five years later. He’s not all clown, as he may have imagined. Worked steadily if not profitably by his employer, he parties throughout the rest of the decade with a sexy, sophisticated air. He can be seen from 1999 until his remake. He has some problems still. Torment and loss keep him in the kitchen, watching football on TV. A sweetly vulnerable bundle of neuroses, he alone out of his normal life turns into flight.

Fate-struck variations curse and bless Harvey Balsam’s career. He has long since given up trying to believe this unfortunate detection wasn’t possible. He hopes one solid performance after another will soon make him friends, or at least quirky. His bulldog features average only a play a year. He has memorable moments among the lovable bigots. But he knows they have him at full advantage. He’s hidden in a history, a kind of convent for lifestyle abortions.

Harvey Balsam can’t hear how he’s a musician while the water’s running. His journey threatens rape. The highway seems to be dominated by his mother. A rough-edged nice guy, Harvey lounges, tracking every her down until his piano is hunted by the American police. He’s spent much of his coupling decades in amateur trust. A thousand smokes aren’t lessons. But maybe subsequent collaborations and a lot of advice may earn his beloved back.

Harvey Balsam is a product. He is sent to deprogram. Today, he’s supporting himself by ushering quirky confusions and fascinations into witness. Harvey’s unplanned, and his dire situation coaches the whole of the night times. He sold his shoes for formative years. His reaction? “Some problems are too old.” Harvey Balsam services authentic characterization and dreams of debuting in the part of an entirely different role.

—Joe Milazzo

Joe Milazzo is co-founder of the interdisciplinary arts organization Strophe, co-editor of the online journal [out of nothing] and proprietor of Imipolex Press. His writings have appeared in HTMLGiant, Antennae, Drunken Boat, H_NGM_N, Super Arrow, Black Clock and elsewhere as well as the anthologies Chronometry and Conversations at the Wartime Cafe: a Decade of War 2001-2011. His chapbook The Terraces (Das Arquibancadas) will be published in 2012 as part of the Little Red Leaves Textile Series. Milazzo lives and works in Dallas, TX.

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