dash and reaching equilibrium

valeveil consciously shifts away from curating in public spaces to promoting online, text and audio initiatives based on interim modes of expression—to strengthen international communication via improvisation and experimentation. Already existing e-projects will be further developed, such as Ready, Able, Wikiloot, In Its Own Right (IIOR), Ouxpo and Polemics. We will also focus on the Duo and Special Editions which suit our fancy.

Regard our latest e-poetics project Dash. Swedish artist Roger von Reybekiel spearheads this literary commitment with his e-chapbook Jag minns inte (translation: I Do Not Remember). Feel free to contribute to an already-existing project which aligns with your intentions—send us texts and ideas at your leisure. We will periodically distribute new podcast interviews and conversations with engaging American and / or Scandinavian artists for Am-Scand Lit and The Cavalry Series.

valeveil is a cross-cultural, curatorial and publishing nexus with ranging sub-projects simultaneously underway. This shift in focus from public curating to e-publishing attempts to ensure that one project does not receive more energy than any other within the current framework. We aim to reach equilibrium.