Polemics is a project aspiring to collect, archive and disperse concise works expressing a specific position: empathic concerns, discreet arguments, provocative essays, personal commentary, coy observations—rare phenomena ranging from the askew to the contempo. The subject matter typically engages in investigations in-and-of America and / or Scandinavia (though, this is not a prerequisite). Polemics exist as gratis, downloadable .pdfs.

valeveil is currently accepting submissions for this project.

Title Author Date Type Language
Universal Stories with Unknown Particulars Apps 07/2009 essay [en]
Wounded Unwound Milazzo 07/2009 points [en]
For Art and the World Wren 12/2009 essay [en]
Regarding William Rodney Goldman (1947-2006)… Shernoff 02/2011 essay [en]