The Duo is an ongoing poetic series connecting evolving poets and writers residing in the United States with those who either work or reside in Scandinavia—with an original emphasis on English «» Swedish translation. Both regions of the world harbor their own contradictions and paradoxes. Yet, there is untapped potential in uniting these areas—much like a cocoon, it is too premature to predict what shall emerge.

Regarding future books in this series: valeveil searches for previously unpublished works of poetics influenced either by America, Scandinavia or both regions. valeveil organizes readings for each Duo in both the United States and Scandinavia. Online audio samples are an option for selected writers. The first duo was printed matter, but this project has now evolved to primarily thrive in the realm of e-publishing. Therefore, all future books in the Duo series will be accessible online as e-books, beginning with book 2. valeveil is currently accepting book-length submissions for a Scandinavia-based writer for book 2 who will accompany the Swedish translation of A House on a Hill by American writer Harold Abramowitz.

valeveil is currently accepting submissions for this project.

book 1: Lorazepam and the Valley of Skin: Extrapolations on Los Angeles 730910-2155

book 2: A House on a Hill / TBA (forthcoming e-book)