paper tape

Paper Tape Exhibitions is an ongoing curatorial project which intends to exhibit works of both emerging and established artists / writers whose artistic practice is influenced by America and / or Scandinavia. Depending on the nature of the works highlighted, solo as well as group shows will be displayed online—and in certain cases, opportunities to exhibit selected works in physical spaces located in either America or Scandinavia will be provided.

French philosopher Henri Lefebvre wrote:

Space has become for the state a political instrument of primary importance. The state uses space in such a way that it in ensures its control of places, its strict hierarchy, the homogeneity of the whole, and the segregation of the parts. It is thus an administratively controlled and even a policed space. The hierarchy of spaces corresponds to that of social classes, and if there exist ghettos for all classes, those of the working class are merely more isolated than those of the others.1

If the above statement is accepted as true, one should gather that it is imperative to expand communication and connect with a wide range of spaces and environments in an attempt to dissolve or circumvent existing barriers that are imposed and present in our reality.

This project’s ambition is to facilitate, encourage and generate a more focused comparative discourse, as well as to increase creative awareness between America and Scandinavia through theme-based exercises, call-response experiments and motley forms of contextualization. Paper Tape Exhibitions aspires to be a cooperative live wire between valeveil and arts & culture organizations, independent galleries and public spaces. valeveil hopes to promote both singular individuals and artist collectives, serving as a benevolent mediator and collaborator.

1. Henri Lefebvre, State, Space, World (Minneapolis, MN : University of Minnesota Press, 2009), 188.

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