future books

» valeveil searches for previously unpublished works of poetics influenced either by America, Scandinavia or both regions.

» Writers do not have to be United States citizens or citizens of a Scandinavian country, but their submitted work must be influenced by the United States and/or Scandinavia—either by actual citizenship, residency or by an examination of one or both regions.

» Each text must be 80 pages or less and written primarily in English and/or Swedish. Additional languages can be utilized, but the majority of the creative text must be generated in English and/or Swedish.

» English «» Swedish translations are not mandatory for submission. A chosen text will be translated if a translation is not provided.

» Each text must emphasize the solitary literary pursuit.

» valeveil organizes readings for each forthcoming duo in both the United States and Scandinavia.

» Online audio samples are an option for the selected writers.

» Submissions are received on a rolling basis.