ouxpo: claustrophobia


Rule / Constraint
Juxtaposition of the concept of portrait photography within the constraints of a scanner. Only the scanner was used to create images, with the intent to capture the upper head and shoulders of the model within these limitations.

Medium(s) / Material(s)
Medium: scanner.
Material: model’s upper body.


Rebecca Wild studies Interactive Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has exhibited with the group Creative Transit in the Free For Arts Festival (October 2010), The Museum of Science and Industry and The Capitol Theatre. Recently joining the art-handling team at Blank Media Collective, Wild also exhibited work in “Blank Expressions.” Wild specializes in scanography techniques, resulting in work which is both experimental and spontaneous. Her childhood passion lies in painting, and she combines these two elements to create new work—using the scanner as both a camera and canvas. Wild’s artistic practice hopes to inspire the viewer to form their own explanations and connotations, and notions of the ‘abstract’ are a key component in her recent work. However, she also explores ideas which are considered personal through mixed media and/or installation. The artist states, “Creating art has been a passion of mine since a young age. It has been one of the strongest influences in my life, helping me express sentiments that I usually cannot put into words.”

Artist Info