7th foxhole meeting

The 7th foxhole approaches. foxhole meetings aspire to assist independent curators and self-organized entities; the project is interested in creating and supporting its own safe zone or “foxhole” of self-sufficiency in Stockholm.

Curator Elina Suoyrjö and artist Carola Grahn will present and discuss their practices and previous collaborations. In 2011, Grahn and Suoyrjö collaborated on Suoyrjö’s final project for Stockholm University‘s Curating Art MA program. The exhibition project discussed gendered power dynamics in relation to Suoyrjö’s MA thesis which dealt with gender and feminisms in artistic and curatorial practices. The talk intends to raise questions on how to relate feminist topics to one’s practice, work and in association with the audience—opening up further discussion.

Carl-Johan Rosén will present works relating to his search for the digital ‘Other,’ or the voice of the digital being. The ever-present question is: what does it feel like to exist as a computer software? This search had led him through different areas of theory and practice. From a post-anthropocentric predicament, to philosophy of science, to retro pie chart diagrams and computer programming languages. How can the voice of the digital Other be identified? If it is, what does it communicate? Rosén is curious about extraordinary communicative experiences with digital Others. When and how did they happen? Could a language be perceived? Was there communication?

The search for the digital Other has magnified Rosén’s interest in programming languages. With the book I speak myself into an object, he hopes to enable a different reading of computer code. A reading beyond or parallel to function and efficiency. A reading that might reveal something about the digital Other rising from the code once it is performed. But code also has political implications in a post-human perspective—where technology is shaped by programming languages, where technology shapes us and what we can become. Rosén searches for fellow readers to initiate a local dialogue about programming languages in the style of critical code studies1.

1. http://www.electronicbookreview.com/thread/electropoetics/codology

Foxhole Meeting #7

Date: Thursday, 05.30, 2013
Time: 7-9 pm
Location: Minibar Artist Space
Address: Hälsingegatan 33, 113 31 Stockholm
T-bana: Odenplan / S:t Eriksplan

7 – 8 pm: Elina Suoyrjö & Carola Grahn’s presentation + Q&A
8 – 9 pm: Carl-Johan Rosén’s presentation + Q&A

Note: All meetings are open to the general public.

May’s Speakers

Carola Grahn is an artist living and working in Stockholm. She graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm spring 2013. At the moment, her works can be seen in exhibitions 24 Spaces at Malmö Konsthall and the Royal Institute of Art Spring Exhibition. Her works have recently been exhibited also at Galleri Mejan, Centrum för fotografi, Konstnärshuset and Fittja Open by Botkyrka Konsthall. www.carolagrahn.se

Elina Suoyrjö is an independent curator based in Stockholm. She holds an MA in Curating from Stockholm University and MAs in both Art History and Gender Studies from the University of Helsinki. Her recent projects include the exhibition series Provrummet at Cigarrvägen 13 (Stockholm), One kind word can warm three winter months at Cité des arts (Paris), Volumi contrastanti / Kontrasterande volymer at Italian Cultural Institute (Stockholm) and In a World of My Own at Vinterviken garden (Stockholm).

Carl-Johan Rosén works with digital beings. He investigates what it means to exist in the world as a digital body and as a software process experiencing the world through electronic circuits. Work methods are synthesized from arts, engineering and academia, and the outcome varyingly presented as artworks, software and text. www.carljohanrosen.com

Image: Hon fejkade att hon inte kom / She faked she didn’t come (2011). Photo by Carola Grahn

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