A paper tape exhibition in collaboration with Tomma Rum.

valeveil presents an online paper tape exhibition including highlighted international artists in residency at Tomma Rum located in Malmberget/Gällivare, Sweden. A selection of incoming artists created new work which addressed, questioned or investigated the boundaries and definitions of ‘pain’ as it currently exists and reveals itself in its many shapes, forms and functions. All mediums were considered, but work had to be newly created while on site during their Tomma Rum residency in the Gällivare Municipality. View the exhibition here.

Contributing Artists:
» Emilia Bergmark
» Patrik Johansson
» Leonela Lilja
» Carl-Johan Rosén
» Eyal Shachar
» Ylva Söderström
» Daniel Torarp

Image: Dundret. Photo by Jacquelyn Davis