ouxpo: Forensics E (Bad Boys)

Forensics E (Bad Boys)

Rule / Constraint
Stillness: the (in)action painting on the floor was created by trying—and failing—to be still. Over the course of the hour-long performance, the subject’s arms grew tired of holding the tray upright and pink paint dripped through its perforations.

Time: the subject dribbled paint on multiple pairs of underwear at periodic intervals determined by the length of time it took the subject to sing the song “Bad Boy,” made popular by the American R&B group The Jive Bombers.

Medium(s) / Material(s)
Mediums: performance, painting.
Materials: nurse’s hat, 1950′s bullet bra, mesh shirt, cheap panties, perforated aluminum tray, shot glasses, high heels, cotton socks, plastic kitchen timer, microphone, amplifier, paint, plywood.

Body art, drip painting.

Heather Warren-Crow is a performance artist and professor based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her solo performance pieces both critique and embrace representations of identity in the mass media. She joins the vernacular of low art (the language of pop music, social networking websites and Internet memes) with the rhetoric of body art to address issues pertaining to youth and femininity. Alternately playful, tragic, cheeky, and earnest, her work confronts the aesthetic pleasures of The American Brand Identity as well as its pains. The majority of her performance pieces should not be watched from beginning to end. They invite the distracted, mobile and intermittent mode of spectatorship that characterizes The Information Age. Viewers are encouraged to watch for as long or as short as they like, to take as many pictures as they want and to see how the piece develops (or disintegrates) over time. Warren-Crow received a doctorate in Performance Studies from The University of California, Berkeley. She is a professor of art theory and practice at The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts.

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