paper tape: feral

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—Eyal Shachar & Patrik Johansson


Medium(s) / Material(s)
Standard definition video simultaneously projected on two adjacent screens.

Experimental filmmaking, site-specific response. Inspired by stories from Sami culture, a script evolved. Two films were shot on location in Malmberget with local actors and amateurs.


When God is dead and hope is gone, in a world dying, they observe each other. All lost, fumbling in the dark. Alienated. Isolated. Playing their parts in the great “spectacle.”

We traveled to Malmberget with a simple concept for two short films to be developed on location. What we found was a dying mining village, divided by a huge growing pit; it was the perfect metaphor for an exploited soul—slowly dying. The story which developed was about feeling lost with nothing to hold on to, survival (of the fittest), hope versus despair.

In a state were most things that made us human are gone, only the laws of nature apply. When we no longer feel empathy and become actors in the spectacle of life, then we are merely survivors. Ghosts. To reject pain is to reject life.

The language of cinema influences our collective consciousness, our understanding of human relations and the surrounding world. More than anything else. These short films began as an experimental cinematic approach: to move in the border between art and cinema.

Soundtrack: Torbjörn Johansson of Free Spirit and IKONS.

Patrik Johansson and Eyal Shachar have collaborated since 2010 and are based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Previously, they have exhibited video work at Nya Skolan Gallery and Lalaland Project Space in Gothenburg. Johansson & Shachar are members of the Swedish band IKONS.