valeveil podcasts: an introduction

valeveil is interested in communicating with a wider audience in an effort to better share new ideas related to our creative ambitions. A number of podcast projects will emerge in 2011, including but not limited to the following:

Am-Scand Lit Series
The Am-Scand Lit Series plans to regularly archive the contemporary works of both emerging and established writers located in either America or Scandinavia. Each writer will be given an opportunity to express their literary intentions, inspirations and influences revolving around their latest literary or text-based project. The Am-Scand Lit Series format includes an introduction to a writer’s background, accomplishments and relevant highlights, followed by the writer’s self-reflective perspective of a specific work, Q&A and a shared excerpt read by the writer in question.

Cavalry Series
The Cavalry Series will highlight the creative interests of those whom are either new or emerging in either America or Scandinavia through a series of casual interviews, freestyle conversations and ad hoc encounters. The Cavalry Series is interested in locating individuals who are directly responsible for the actual construction of an exhibition, project or idea, but they may not be receiving proper attention – i.e. the “foot soldiers” of art-making, yet they deserve to be seen as the cavalry. These talented trailblazers are often behind the scenes, unafraid to get their hands dirty or to take risks. They are most often the driving force moving ideas forward.