ready, able: children should be supervised at all times

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Children must be supervised at all times No dogs except guide dogs Loading Non toxic Suitable for vegetarians Thank you for your order Expiry date Please wait Affix stamp here Beware of the dog Print name Made in England Machine washable Child friendly 100% cotton Praise the Lord 15% completed Shake well before use Avoid contact with eyes Cut along the dotted line Take all your belongings with you Serve chilled Protect food from direct sunlight Access denied Now in 3D Pick of the week Please scan an item Insert cash Staff only Tick all that applies Authorised personnel No photography This side up Handle with care Wash at 30 degrees Disabled parking CCTV in operation Proceed to our secure server Cardholder copy Keep refrigerated Was this article useful to you? 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—Christophe Dillinger

Words and language have always been present in Christophe Dillinger’s work in one form or another. One of his main artistic practices involves typing on photographic negatives using a second hand typewriter. His most recent work uses taped-over coupons and loyalty cards and an online magazine made out of mutilated websites. “Children should be supervised at all times” is a list of omnipresent warnings, enticements, advices, records, signs, orders and pre-chewed phrases we are subjected to all the time. These bits of purposeless information are gathered into one menacing, relentless, breathless, endless, punctuation-free über phrase that becomes a concentrate of insanity and alienation. When edited through text to speech software, the voice stops at random, invents emphasis and doesn’t quite convince us that any of the exercise has anything to do with being human.

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