Casebok = CA (California) + SE (Sweden) + BOK (Book). This collaborative experiment coalesces creative energies rhizomatically stemming from California and Sweden as geographic initiators of future cooperation between America and Scandinavia. Participants possess allegiances from all over the world, yet they were influenced by one or both of these regions, residing as artists and / or writers in California or Sweden at the time of creative production. Five distinct projects were created, then each project was responded to via creative ekphrasis and ranging forms of criticality. Casebok and its collaborators are 1 / nth of a searching multitude, where passports are moot inventions of the past, where open discourse and investigative faction-forming take priority.

Harold Abramowitz, Danielle Adair, José Felipe Alvergue, Daniel Andersson, Joanna Bean, Andrew Berardini, Erik Berg, Lydia Burkhalter, Allison Carter, Romina Fuentes, Adam Grinovich, Katie Jacobson, Maximus Kim, Sidonie Loiseleux, Olof Löf, Jennica Magnusson, Annika Pettersson, Dan Richert, Turid Sandin, Henrik Stenberg, Matias Viegener, Grant Watkins, Adam Webber, Joshua Webber, Hedvig Wiezell

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