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ouxpo: painting the new path

—Celeste Najt Title Painting the New Path Rule / Constraint All works emphasize one’s relationship to the five senses, along with placing an importance on survival instincts oftentimes associated with the desire to feel alive and remain organic. Outcome also … Continue

ready, able: season sale in the brand clothing stores

open in new window You called it scape, a nest, a shelter, even a challenge, but you couldn’t get familiarized with a plastic label attached to your chest, that despite having your name written on it, you never determined as … Continue

ouxpo: sparse fields plowed last

Force of mood sheds painted clues into tempers split on end. Middle slips on tumbles fending this attack’s bloody bounty halved. Our course dooms candle’s last wax—as drips crawl, search long on cruel agony. Proving these toiled forms better off … Continue

ready, able: procession

open in new window The killing was over but the dying continued The dark and barbarous behavior cast a shadow Note the heroic proportions of the dead warrior Note the food (bread and meat) on the table Behind a hill … Continue

bow and arrow: avfyrningsrampe / launching ramp

Image: Aerial view. Photo by Wooloo Concept / Theory / Inquiry The media only comes to Tensta if something is on fire. With the ethnic diversity and low socio-economic status of its inhabitants, as well as several instances of youth … Continue

ready, able: our friend harvey balsam

open in new window Lumpen in little more than mortal thoughts, Harvey Balsam has been treated by life. Mute. Arranged in marriages. With the accent of the elder scion of a ladies’ sportswear salesman. He is famously appearing in a … Continue

ready, able: bonnie brae, you slut!

open in new window I dove to merge to the 101 with a horse cry of desperate joy. Sometimes the 110 is like Autopia. Fun fun fun at the Autobahn, And you’re bobbling along in the sun With carapace car … Continue

ready, able: pity this busy monster, manunkind

open in new window pity this busy monster, manunkind, not. Progress is a comfortable disease: your victim (death and life safely beyond) plays with the bigness of his littleness —electrons deify one razorblade into a mountainrange; lenses extend unwish through … Continue

ready, able: children should be supervised at all times

open in new window Children must be supervised at all times No dogs except guide dogs Loading Non toxic Suitable for vegetarians Thank you for your order Expiry date Please wait Affix stamp here Beware of the dog Print name … Continue

ready, able: some of the hardest places to make both efficient and beautiful

open in new window download pdf Bio David Berridge lives in London. His books include Lemonade, Black Gardens and The Moth Is Moth This Money Night Moth. He curates VerySmallKitchen and is currently a writer in residence at X Marks … Continue