bow and arrow

Similar to the symbiotic relationship between the bow and arrow, valeveil has adopted the role of the ‘bow’ and will disseminate the work of an aggregate of ‘arrow’ curators as complimentary satellites who agree to formulate new projects from outside perspectives which assist valeveil in reaching these ambitions:

» to curate projects ranging in content and scope with the aspiration that diverse individuals can both participate in and benefit from results
» to more closely examine notions of American and / or Scandinavian creativity
» harness, redirect and unleash untapped potential which otherwise appears inhibited or dormant
» to generate more focused discussions concerned with contrasting socio-political realities in an effort to instigate change
» to override the noxious effects of anonymity, conformity and boredom
» create more sincere alliances and ignite both local and distant communities into action via collaboration, experimentation and accessibility

By allowing satellite curators to help valeveil with initiatives, more conversations are able to thrive through emerging negotiations and with increased frequency, hoping to reach those who may be difficult to reach. Via multiplicity of the five senses which are often used to gain knowledge and human understanding—according to the empiricist view which admits that knowledge does not originate solely from discursive formations but also through intuition—Bow and Arrow hopes to cultivate useful perspectives.

What happens when the senses of one curatorial nexus are multiplied by the number of collaborating arrow curators, when energy expands rhizomatically? Strength through vulnerability, openness to emerging ideas and approaches, listening instead of speaking, stepping aside to let someone else in—all lucrative when creating.

Philosopher Gilles Deleuze explains of a phenomenon called ‘the discursive illusion’ which can be troubling for any given singularity (e.g. a static, uncompromising curatorial entity). This project experiments with Deleuze’s philosophy as a logic of multiplicities—not any recognition of the true but rather highlighted complications in thinking processes which aim to provide contrast and confront relationships between thinking and life.

To get away from the illusions of recognition and representation in thought and to be able to think in other ways, one needs a logic of another kind. Indeed one must dispel the illusion that problems in thought reduce to the sort of question that can be resolved once and for all by deriving propositions from others taken as premises.1

‘Sense and event’ versus ‘truth and proposition’ is one prioritized investigation. Similar to how Deleuze viewed philosophies as singular creations which are indefinite enough to allow room for others, Bow and Arrow acknowledges the need to make room for ranging philosophies and curatorial methods from an indefinite source of entities. The attempt to ‘possess’ an idea is often a source of both anxiety and paranoia for those attempting to own it. Therefore, no one owns Bow and Arrow ideas. Growth does not always occur when one thinks in linear terms; sometimes, arrows must move in several directions simultaneously—without a designated beginning, middle or end.

Bow and Arrow ‘curates curators’ ranging in experience and expertise who reside in contrasting regions of the world, but their subject matter must pertain to either America (i.e. the United States) and / or a Scandinavian region which is a site-specific curatorial constraint. Each completed project will be disseminated to the public. Fiscal and equipment matters are the sole responsibility of each arrow curator, but valeveil may be available to assist with preliminary documentation if a project occurs in Stockholm Proper.

Arrow Curators
currently under development
» Andrew Berardini (Los Angeles, CA)
» Ginny Cook & Kim Schoen (Los Angeles, CA): Material
» Jonatan Habib Engqvist (Stockholm, Sweden): Emosmosis
» Rossana Mercado Rojas (Stockholm, Sweden & Lima, Peru): Skål-Salud
» Wooloo (Copenhagen, Denmark): Avfyrningsrampe / Launching Ramp

valeveil is currently taking submissions for this project.

1. John Rajchman, The Deleuze Connections (Cambridge, MA : MIT Press, 2000), 50.