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the imaginary 20th century

The Imaginary 20th Century is a post-modern design experiment and interactive novel, adhering to Oulipian philosophical thought. This multimedia project brings this past decade into light via experimental sampling and deliberate appropriation of relevant, historically influenced sound, text and image … Continue

A House on a Hill / TBA

valeveil plans to e-publish the Swedish translation of American writer Harold Abramowitz’s A House on a Hill alongside the work of one Scandinavia-based writer in the second Duo titled A House on a Hill / TBA. Harold Abramowitz is a writer … Continue

future books

» valeveil searches for previously unpublished works of poetics influenced either by America, Scandinavia or both regions. » Writers do not have to be United States citizens or citizens of a Scandinavian country, but their submitted work must be influenced … Continue

Lorazepam and the Valley of Skin: Extrapolations on Los Angeles / 730910-2155

Lorazepam and the Valley of Skin: Extrapolations on Los Angeles by Andrea Lambert 730910-2155 foreword by j. s. davis excerpt ISBN 13: 987-0-9840746-0-0 ISBN 10: 0-9840746-0-0 size: 4 x 6 in pages: 144 softcover / perfect bound 110 SEK intl shipping se … Continue