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bow and arrow: a conversation between wooloo & stefanie hessler

Image (left): Olof Hellström sculpture. Image (right): Wooloo sculpture. Photos by Jacquelyn Davis Background Avfyringsrampe / Launching Ramp by the Danish artist group Wooloo is a public sculpture which takes the form of a fire-rocket launching ramp made of bronze, steel … Continue

bow and arrow: emosmosis

Image: Boring Pass Reykjavík-Oslo (2012). Photo by Jonatan Habib Engqvist Concept / Theory / Inquiry “And on it went. As if nothing really happened, their common journey continued. In retrospect, it had been a smooth ride. Perhaps too smooth. But … Continue

paper tape: beast eulogies

I live too near the slaughterhouse. what do you expect? silver blood like Chatterton’s? the dankness of my hours allows no practiced foresight. I hear the branches snap and break like ravens in a quarrel, and see my mother in … Continue

paper tape: intuitive anatomy / deer woman

—Alexandra Unger Title Intuitive Anatomy / Deer Woman Medium(s) / Material(s) Photography, installation, body, paint. Technique(s) Performance, role-playing. Concept In Intuitive Anatomy, the artist performs the act of drawing internal organs onto herself using ‘digital paints’; children use these same … Continue

paper tape: autistic playground

—Amanda Karlsson Title Autistic Playground Medium(s) / Material(s) Graphite on wallpaper, plastic toys, laminate floor, colored paper. Technique(s) Installation. Concept Autistic Playground is an attempt to encounter the still living but lost individual. The artist’s personal beast remains to be … Continue

paper tape: five steps, five shots

download pdf —David Nordström Title FIVE STEPS, FIVE SHOTS Medium(s) / Material(s) Three texts in Swedish and English, one framed photo (20 cm x 30 cm), two hanging paper dice made from target boards, one crumpled paper die made from … Continue

paper tape: the man behind winkies

[flowplayer src=”” width=”640″ height=”360″ splash=””/]   — Jonas Gazell Title The Man Behind Winkies Medium(s) / Material(s) Video DVD PAL loop 23 seconds. Technique(s) Installation. Concept The man behind Winkies from David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive (2001) is a beast that … Continue

paper tape: death book

—Kim Ekberg Title Death Book Medium(s) / Material(s) Newspaper, ink, glue. Technique(s) Appropriation, collage. Concept Death Book includes obituaries that the artist discovered at a local flea market. The artist’s name ‘Kim Ekberg’ was inserted and placed over the actual … Continue

ouxpo: excerpts from read writinghood

—Benjamin Perez Title Excerpts from Read Writinghood Rule / Constraint The poem “Yeats Infection” is an example of a (loosely) a N+7 (esque)-inspired “translation,” often of an ironic and / or inter-textual and / or counter-hegemonic and / or post-post-modernist … Continue

wikiloot: scenes from an occupation

download pdf —A. E. Souzis WikiLeaks links 89PANAMA8545, PANAMANIANS HOPE FOR A SUCCESSFUL COUPmirror 1 Bio A. E. Souzis is a writer and media artist living in New York City. Through her writings, multimedia installations and site-specific tours, she creates … Continue